Selling My Phone On eBay

   Posted by: Scott Lovegrove   in

I recently tried selling my phone on eBay, it was the old HTC HD. Someone bought it for my buy it now price, which was great, so I got the phone and the bits I was selling with it and sent them off to the buyer. What I got from him is just ridiculous and I’m posting this as a precautionary measure (all will become clear).

First off, my listing on ebay, which was bought as a buy it now. I shipped it the next working day (it was bought on the Saturday night, so posted it on Monday. I got an email the next day from the item buyer, this is what I was shocked to receive:


So let me break this down a little:

“You advertised it as new condition and it clearly is not”

Um, no, I didn’t, in the listing, there are two separate places that it says the phone was used:



“I am missing a charger that fits the phone…where is a charger that actually fits the phone?”

Again, in the listing, it clearly states what will be sent out with the phone, even the picture in the listing shows, and backs up, what is stated in the item description:


So the guy who bought it is trying desperately to claim that this isn’t as described, well I’m afraid it is and was. So why have I done this page? Well, I’m highly anticipating that this ebay user will [wrongly] leave negative feedback, so if/when he does, I will have linked to this page in my comments on the feedback so that people can see if they like that the negative feedback is unjustified.